Where Can I Go To Get A Free Ultrasound

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Where Can I Go To Get A Free Ultrasound. Choices has a sonographer working at least one day a week at each of our locations: Free ultrasound imaging we provide free first trimester limited ultrasound imaging for viability and dating of pregnancy.

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Check with your health insurance. An ob limited ultrasound can confirm your pregnancy. Before scheduling a free ultrasound, you must first have a free medical grade choices pregnancy test to verify your pregnancy (and for our records), regardless of whether you’ve had a home pregnancy test or not.

First view is a provider of 3d ultrasound, 4d ultrasound (video) and hd ultrasound in colorado.

You will be free to go about your normal activities after the procedure has finished. The cost of an ultrasound depends on the type of ultrasound you get and where you get it. For people who live in countries with nationalized single payer health plans, as is the case in much of europe, ultrasound imaging is usually covered by the national health program. Citizens of many european countries are able to receive free ultrasounds under their national health plans.